Dr. Jim Said, ND DC

In this podcast Dr. Jim Said gives us some clinical tips and talks through some interesting cases. Dr. Said is an ND, DC practicing out of Medford, OR. He’s been practicing for over 37 years. In this episode of The ND Update he shares with us his take on the mind, body, spirit connection and … Continue reading Dr. Jim Said – Clinical Tips and Cases

Brian Dias

Induced fears have been shown to be passed down at least 2 generations in mice in this latest research out of Emory University. We talk with Brain Dias, PhD about his cutting edge research in this episode of The ND Update. In his research, mice were exposed to an odor along with a mild footshock. … Continue reading Can your experiences affect your offspring? Science is saying maybe.

Dr. Steven Coward, ND

We welcome back Dr. Steven Coward in this episode of the NDUpdate to go over four homeopathic cases he selected and the takeaway lesson from each case. We start out the interview getting some recommendations on what resources to use to keep learning more about homeopathy. The books he mentions are: Allen’s Keynotes EB Nash’s … Continue reading Dr. Steven Coward – Four Homeopathic Cases

Dr. Steven Coward, ND

In this podcast I talk with Dr. Steven Coward about what it takes to build a successful practice. Dr. Coward practices in Asheville, North Carolina in his personal clinic. In 13 years he has built a practice where his schedule stays full, he makes close to a six figure NET income, all while seeing patients … Continue reading Dr. Steven Coward – Establishing a successful practice

Andrew Ozinskas

When I think of trees I think of firewood, log cabins, shade, and more. I don’t usually think about medicine, but for a few exceptions (slippery elm, white willow). In this Podcast I talk with Andrew Ozinskas, a Kentucky herbalist, about the wide variety of medicinal trees and how to make medicines from them. We … Continue reading Medicinal Trees and More

Dr. Michelle Sexton, ND

Over 16 states plus DC have medical marijuana laws which cover close to a million patients. New research has shown that there is an extensive system of receptors for compounds found in marijuana throughout the brain, immune system and most parts of the body. In this podcast with Dr. Michelle Sexton we try to fill … Continue reading Medical Cannabis

Dr. Crystal Abernathy, ND

This podcast is an interview with Dr. Crystal Abernathy, ND. Dr. Abernathy is a naturopath that practices in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has a successful practice that she runs out of her home, in addition to being a single mom of a young son. She’s talks about what it takes to have a successful practice … Continue reading Dr. Crystal Abernathy, ND

Dr. Katie Carter, ND

The premiere episode of The ND Update starts off with an interview with Dr. Katie Carter, a Naturopath based in Polson, MT. Some of the things included in the interview are: Establishing a practice in a small town and the advantages of practicing in a small town. How to run a successful practice and have … Continue reading A conversation with Dr. Katie Carter, ND