Seth Braun

In today’s show we talk with Seth Braun about confidence, specifically confidence for clinicians. We focus less on what confidence is and more on how you can work to develop it. You might be thinking what does confidence have to do with medicine? The answer is everything. The confidence that you as a clinician have … Continue reading Developing Confidence with Seth Braun

Dr. Joshua Goldenberg, ND

Change happens. As I type this, the quiet morning is being pierced by the rhythmic banging of a piece of heavy machinery destroying the last remains of the office building across the street. I won’t be here to see what rises from the pile of concrete and rebar, but it’s sure to be taller and … Continue reading Naturopathy and EBM with Dr. Goldenberg

Mike Jawer

“I must do something” always solves more problems than “Something must be done.” – Author Unknown Here we are in the middle of Naturopathic Medicine Week 2014. For the second year in a row a naturopathic awareness week has been established in what is going to be an annual event. The Senate has again passed a … Continue reading Naturopathic Medicine Week 2014 – Info and Resources

Matthew Strickland

It’s hard to believe, but in nine months I’m going to graduate from Bastyr with my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Some of you know this journey well having done it before me. Maybe you are just starting out and it’s hard to even see when you won’t be a student; what all of the sacrifice … Continue reading Nine Months

Dr. Kristaps Paddock, ND

I was so close, so close, to calling this post “How The East Was Won”. That was feeling the that I was getting from this win for naturopathic medicine, but that would have been a bit presumptuous. There is still plenty of work to do on the east coast. This is a sign though of … Continue reading Maryland Naturopathic Licensure with Dr. Kristaps Paddock

Dr. Kurt Beil, ND

In today’s podcast we talk with Dr. Kurt Beil ND, LAc, MPH about the healing power of nature. Intuitively, nature is something that we know is good for us, especially as people practicing or interested in CAM. Most of us feel this on some deep level, but what is science showing about the effects that … Continue reading The Healing Power of Nature with Dr. Kurt Beil

Dr. Andrew Brandeis, ND

In this podcast we talk with Dr. Andrew Brandeis, ND about leadership, running your own business, and about his current venture Sharepractice. Dr. Brandeis graduated from Bastyr University in 2008. While at Bastyr he started the student newspaper The Beet, as well as co-founding the website Medfinds. He co-founded Sharepractice last year and has raised … Continue reading Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Sharepractice with Dr. Brandeis

Mike Jawer

In this weeks episode we talk with Mike Jawer, the federal legislative and government affairs director for the AANP, about the DC FLI. If you’re not sure what the DC FLI is don’t worry, we’ll answer that question for you. Already know what it is? Cool, we talk about how things went this year including … Continue reading The DCFli – Frequently asked questions and 2014 Wrap-Up

Danette Wells

In this episode learn everything you need to know about paying back your medical school, or other types of, student loans. Listen as Danette Wells, the Financial Aid director at Bastyr University, brings a ton of clarity to a confusing topic. We talk about: The latest student loan news The best repayment option for you The … Continue reading Medical School Student Loans – Repayment options and more…

Dr. Steven Coward, ND

In this episode we talk to Dr. Steven Coward ND of Asheville Natural Health and Homeopathy. I met Dr. Coward through a preceptorship I did in the Fall of 2013 and he’s the real deal. He works only four days per week and has a net income of around six figures. In this podcast he … Continue reading Creating a successful practice with Dr. Coward